Happy Halloween on the 73F

This was a party with a theme: Men and women in service.
This was a party with friends: Old and new; friends, and the friends of those friends.
This was a party with excitement and nostalgia: excitement for those first comers, nostalgia for me.

I lost my words when seeing the night view from that gigantic window again...
Oh, I miss you SO MUCH.

Vince helped arrange the venue and prepared some drinks, food, and great music to impress all visitors; Noah kindly prepared some Sangria for everyone to drink; I helped, sometimes, to answer questions about the office and about the life there; everyone who were there jointly helped create one of the best Halloween nights in one another's life!

We got 4 female cops, one navy, one stewardess, two male nuns(?!), three baseball players, one nurse, two Japanese service lady, one female servant, one pretty female bartender, one Miss identification card lady in Chinese dress, one girl scout, one bee, etc. Oh yes, we have around 30 people gathered together, and that's why we had the varieties. Those who came without a costume: got face painted! (oh I LOVE that~) I felt so lucky that everyone could be so open-minded and just freely had fun together. There were several that I met for the first time, some second, but we all shared the moments like the way we spent with long time friends.

I am also impressed by how tiny the world is: I found a primary school friend's friend; I met the business partner of an HBS girl friend, who she planned to introduce me to but couldn't find the time; I found yet another primary school pal; and we bumped into a group of friends on the way to Barcode (uh... why were you there, girls?).

"Show me the photos!" you might say. Unfortunately I didn't take any, but I could possibly get some from others later when they share. Stay tuned!
Thank you everyone once again! It's great to have you adding colors to my life :D

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