Reunion with Jen-Ai Fellows

Great that I still went out for it today, though I actually knew only one person, Jack, originally. Was surprised that people indeed remembered me and those interesting "history;" was pleased to find also my image from their eyes. So many times I was trying to convince people I am just an ordinary people, just exactly like you and those common persons you know. No, I am not a star. No, it wasn't my intention to be famous or even to be the show-off. I cared for those things you cared dearly as well, and I worried and frustrated as all of you would do. Additionally, I was, I am, and I'll always be accessible as those who've known me for a long time.

To be brief, I am merely another human being.

Thank you for being kind to me, and thanks for letting me know more about myself and my perceived image. On this rainy day, thanks to you all, it turned into a fruitful day for me :) Appreciated!


Jack said...

Thanks for coming...i had a wonderful time...Jen-Ai rocks...

can't wait for the next gathering.

WendyChen said...

Indeed! Thanks for the invite~

Chrissy said...

Hey Wendy! Haven't talked to you for such a long time...just want to say Hi and hope everything goes well with you!

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