Work learning

1. Don't do things in a scattered way. Do it with order.

2. Follow up! If you forget to ask for update, others may just neglect your requests and take the delay for granted. Also, follow up to show them: I DO CARE about this.

3. Send emails, and phone later. Details on print and get oneself protected. Call for discussion, reminder and relationship building.

4. Read emails, and reply. Thousands of unread emails cannot show you're popular somebody. Always left behind updates makes you nobody.

5. Suggest sincerely, and open to changes. Don't expect others to give you clear guidance from scratch. Do expect them to challenge your immature initial thoughts and revise it accordingly. At least you proved that you've made some efforts and thus allow them to criticize based on something~

6. Efficiency, efficiency, efficiency. People HATE waiting. If you have to keep them on hold, give time frame/ETA and strive to keep your promise.

I do hate people for not responding- at all. If you hate me to buzz you over and over again, show me some progress!!
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