Enjoy the moments

When we had constructive discussions about things. It is completely okay for us to stand on different sides, since it's easy for people to view things from various angles. Sometimes I even LOVE the feeling to argue with you-- that's how I push myself to think even deeper. And I believe we all know, the disagreement won't hurt our feelings about one another. The argument is over Things, but not over the Person.

When we strolled around for food, for the destination, or for home. Recently the weather was just right. Mostly the atmosphere was just fine. Off the light we stepped out: We might continue the business talks, or we might change to random chats. We became a part of the city view smoothly, and who knows? We blended into one another's life quietly.

When we could share the "off-the-record" thoughts and reveal our true identity without concerns. Amazingly enough, we oftentimes were not surprised by the sharing but reversely found ourselves some alliances. Maybe there's something more than "Great minds think alike"?

Enjoy the moments. Enjoy the moments. Nothing more than that, and probably should not do anything less.
Enjoy the moments!

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