Counting Down

13... When 13, I learned the world's cruel. Those follow the rule, refuse to cheat & live with integrity may be segregated. Like... me.

14... When 14, he taught me how to love; he held me tight. I lived up to him to forget all the hardship in school. Still thought of him sometimes. Sometimes.

15... Barely remembered what happened.. Days in Junior High were mostly painful, dark. On top of that, he left... My BEST thing in 15 was becoming great friends with Isabel~~~

16...When 16, a precious friend Alice light' up my boring high school life; I stepped onto Mongolia as a teen diplomat & fell for prairies+sky

17... When 17, I struggled to prove to the world (well, at least NTU prof.) I'm seriously aiming at being a great potential diplomat. Goal!!

18... When 18, I started to learn Japanese and made many JP friends. I was excited about going to Brazil next year for WorldMUN. I was cherished and loved by someone, though it turned out hurting me quite bad afterwards....:P

19... When 19, Brazil amazed my spring, scouting camps packed my summer. Starting from Sept. MUN and JP studies occupied all my leisure time. Believe it or not, I enjoyed my life then!

20... When 20, my team took 23 people to Germany for MUN. I learned lion dance for our talent show. I also met my idol- the ideal/desired half.

21.... When 21, Hardvard WorldMUN@ Egypt rocked my new year followed by kickoff of 1st TW National MUN; BUT I failed to start my story with him

22.... When 22, I left NTU, failed my US grad school application, visited & lost in Tunisia, became a pinkie for 3mth in Kandersteg Swiss!

23... When 23, I turned my limited internet skills into powerful tools, and I grew rapidly. I managed gigantic blogs for work and several for personal pleasure. Amazing world that is!

24... When 24, my presentation in Malaysia impressed the crowds. I kept low, but more and more heard about me via my blogs and works. Most shocking: someone proposed- I refused.

25... Turning point: Visited Cambodia & got 8 sisters; NU IMC life kicked off in freezing yet pretty Chicago; peacock dance learned and performed on my birthday!

26... Highlight- I LOVE Google. Google loves me. If the love stays longer...

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