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First of all, with my lovely little tiger Pipi in my arms, allow me to say Happy New Year to you! Hope each and everyone of you get a brand new year, brand new dreams with so many exciting challenges and those you cherished surrounding you!
When looking back at what I have done within this period of time-- first thing first-- I've passed the probation of A company and can now claim that I'm a full-time staff. With many helps and advices from my manager and my coworkers, I survived the training to work as both a Sales PM and a Marketing PM; I worked on several competitive analysis, market research, and internal XX ROI analysis within limited time with above-the-standard quality; I helped review and renew some working processes and rules; I supported several exhibitions and media visit preparations; totally out of my manager's expectation, I couldn't help working on some additional research to convince the team about other valuable concepts for us, such as SEO.

Totally, work was tough, and I missed the time on the 73 floor badly. But I also understood that I must move forward steadily....

Actually..... I volunteered to work on something even exhausting. With the request and encouragement of Joey, my NTUMUN president always, and the supports of other alum, we together started up the "Taiwan Model UN Development Association" to integrate more resources for model UN event promotions in Taiwan. Quietly I became the president of the preparatory board; also quietly I was assigned as the Secretary General for the Association. I led the administrative, PR and finance specialists to go through all establishment processes and may officially get up and running at the end of January 2010.

Align with that, I served as one of the consultants for Harvard World Model UN 2010 in Taipei. That is a history-breaking thing that ever happened for NTUMUN society in 10 years. The staff team is the most powerful one ever. They have to prepare for the event with around 2,000 students from 200 universities and more than 50 countries in the world. Much more exciting, there will be around 18 delegations from Taiwan to attend the conference! I was constantly inspired and astonished by the work the staff team has done when meeting with them. From my point of view, all core staff can enroll in Harvard MBA directly after graduation! (If you're willing to know more, even better-- if you are thinking of donating or being of help in other ways, feel free to leave me a message!)

Okay, the heavy part of life should stop here. What follows is the Wendy-style never-ending life of laughters and fun!
  • Who says that Taiwanese doesn't celebrate Halloween? I did-- with so many cute fellows in the place I LOVE so deeply!
    From 091031- Halloween Party
  • My super lucky year made it possible for me to catch up the team-building trip to Hong Kong for 2 days. (Thanks G for bringing me up to Beijing! Thanks A for showing me Hong Kong!)
  • From 981106-08 HK
  • Christmas wasn't wasted either. I had a crazy "passed celebrity" party with coworkers, and I got together with the 8 sisters to enjoy vegetarian hot pot and impressive gifts!
    From 091224-27-Christmas
  • Some other reunions/get-togethers/birthday parties/farewell parties of NTU friends, Chicago friends, elementary school friends and so on.... I did enjoy quite a bit to keep myself in high spirit!
Year 2009 was indeed not a smooth year. When I took a quick glance of it, however, it wasn't that bad. Wishes you all the best in 2010-- With me :)

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