A Postcard from Chicago

"I figured, you never had a postcard from Chicago yet. You got such an impressive collection, but you've never got one postcard from Chicago?"

How can that be possible. I've spent 1.5 years there but I've never wrote myself one? How can that be possible?

"No that's not true. I remembered I sent one for my family when I just arrived," I replied, "that still missing in my collection was a postcard from YOU!"

When I was so proud of my extorting skill, you immediately took the address and made a firm promise: "Let me pick one for you when I got back there tomorrow. Will be in Chicago for a quick visit."

The sunlight was so bright this noon. But you WERE the reason that make everything looked shinning and splendid. I always thought you've gone out of my life, or actually, I've gone out of your life since I left. I thought you wouldn't care no more, or worse, you've never cared anyways.

The depth of your concerns impressed me. Your thoughtfulness surprised me.

And you know what? I just checked my pile. I DO NOT HAVE A POSTCARD FROM CHICAGO, yet. I've probably sent out a dozen to others, but I might actually forget to keep myself one. So the upcoming postcard will be:

  • My 1st postcard from Chicago, and
  • My 1st postcard from you.

How amazing this is...

Salute, to our Chicago!

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