MAN! St. Gallen

I'm incredibly LUCKY! I've met one Swiss guy named Kevin who came forward to help me when I was lost, and in the end, he not only guide me the direction but also took me around, introducing me a great scenic spot where only the local people would know, as well as keeping me company to visit churches, shops, special architaectures, etc. He even bought me my dinner and drink!

A M A Z I N G !

But you may be curious about the "why?" Was he up to something??
NO~ not at all. He firstly thought that I was an ABC (telling from my backpack and my strong American accent?) but soon proved himself wrong when seeing my checking the traditional-Chinese-character guide book. Upon seeing the book, he bursted out and talked to me in Mandarin....(oh, a good surprise huh?) What was more surprising was as follows:

1. He was born in Taipei, Taiwan
2. He came to National Taiwan Normal University for 6 months language courses in total last few summers.
3. He missed the "home" there, and of course the lovely people(like me? hahahaha~)
Kevin was just friendly and willing to help the "strangers/visitors." According to what he told me: "I thought people so cruel on you because they just passed you by without asking as confused as you were, if you need some help. That was not the correct way to treat our guests!"

Jeez, it was so funny to talk to a local Swiss in Chinese!

I nearly couldn't believe that I'd ever bomp into things like this. It was tremendously LUCKY. Great place, St. Gallen!

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