Always So Recharged After Visiting O'Neil's

I had a wonderful dinner with my host-mom and dad again today, at their lovely house. The walk to their place was as pleasant as always. I sat at their porch for the swing, listening to the wind of Chicago and myself, nothing else, for around 10 minutes. That feeling was just.... so release, and so like home :)
From Summer Random...
The food, not to mention, was so wonderful again. Salad was prepared by Joan with all veggies from their own garden while grilled beef, green pepper and squash was prepared by Pat.

They welcomed me back to the US from Shanghai, and shared with me all their experiences and photos in Beijing. They went there around a week before me. We had really deep talk about the country, our impressions, their learning from their American friends who is working there right now, and my learning from the KFC project as well as all the energetic people I met there.

"You indeed live in an interesting time in history." Pat said. He encouraged me to use my talent in the time to come, and be brave to all of the unpredictables and the adventures ahead. Because, "no one knows what will happen next anyways! And you've already equipped with something so valuable and admirable." These might not be the precise words he told me. Nevertheless, I found the long lost power at that moment, from those talks, from that home.

Praise the Lord! You raise me up and put me back together again through your magic channel and amazing words. The way ahead is still winding, but

"Your word is a lamp to my feet And a light to my path." (Psalm 119:105)

I believe in YOU, not myself. Fully rely on you.

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