Long TIme No See! Tomato Soup & Great W Dish!

From Guten Appetit

Dala~ Ladies and gentlemen, Wendy finally made something delicious again! It didn't mean that I have not cooked for a long time. I was just so lazy to take photo of my dish and then publish them. My new try today was a beef based tomato soup with green onion, onion, fish balls, and green beens. I also quickly fried some bok choy with garlic and put them on the side of the rice.

Myriam tasted the soup, and she could comment on the taste. My personal take was- it is AWESOME :D

I don't have recipe for it. I just randomly added some salt, some sukiyaki sauce, and some Japanese Hondashi in the soup. I've told everyone, you need talent to cook something Chinese!


Chrissy said...

看上去好好吃呐~! 我好喜欢这个汤哦 以后见面的话做给我吃吧?哈哈~ 希望Wendy的生活也和你做的菜一样多姿多彩 和和美美!

wendychen said...

Thanks a lot for your sweet comment! It would be my pleasure to cook you something yummy :D

Great luck for your life, too!

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