Being A Googler Means....

  • professional, comprehensive training within a very short time by trainers from overseas (US & Swiss) offices and local (TW) office
  • flexible work, rest and dining time- just make sure you can get your task done!
  • colorful, creative, Google-style designs are everywhere around you in the office
  • every single minute you are chasing after time, because you have co-workers working everywhere in the world. They may
    1)throw an issue out to be discussed/solved;
    2)be waiting for you for a video conference;
    3)request a favor from you using internal Gtalk (called differently);
    4)fly over to be with you for couple of days before he/she fly to the next office to talk with the local team over there
  • there are always "visiting Googler" around in the conference room and some departments. He/she bases in P office, is originally from Q country, and speaks RSTUV language
  • you don't want to miss Sports Night, TGIF, the fruit plates (TPE limited!)
  • you don't want to screw A THING. NOT A SINGLE ONE. Every decision you make, every move you take, every thought you get can make a HUGE difference TO THE WORLD
  • surprises are so common, just like air

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