G Sports Night - Basketball + Badminton!

Last time when I played basketball...... junior high..... I played for 30 minutes tonight!
Last time when I played badminton..... university...... I played for 60 minutes tonight!
Yes! I played with my G co-workers in 南港運動中心(Nangang Sports Center) after work. What a sweaty evening!

I made several stupid mistake when I played the basketball. Thank God I've told everyone how bad I was and how poor my knowledge about the rules was. Sometimes I still felt ashamed, but well, there was nothing much I could do to become an expert basketball player. It was not my style....

When Judy finally arrived and was ready to play badminton with me, I felt saved! Badminton (and rock climbing, maybe?) was almost the only sport I could play well. At least my skills was "equal to or above the standard." I was surprised to find that my skills were still fair. Seriously I should consider keep the routine to play badminton, so I could stay fit and stay healthy. But you know what? I would need to find partners.....

Anyways, I find another reason to LOVE my G experience, again. See, it's an environment you have to "sweat" to enjoy it fully :D

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