Pour All Functions in Your Laptop to Your Mobile

This magazine advertisement not only "tells" you the story, but also allows you to "play" with the idea. Brilliant! Thanks to 外星人看廣告, I saw this Brazilian ads. I thought it is very clear and will not bore the readers, but I am wondering how much it might cost to produce such an ads, how many clients could/would willing to invest, and the most important thing: how effective is it? Does this ads successfully trigger the readers to check more information about the mobile phone, and even eventually purchase the product? In another word, how effective is this ads?

Also from this idea we could find out that it indeed is harder than before to produce "print" ads. Magazines have started to have those "smell it" pages for perfumes for a long time (special paper length/width for that page and special technique to contain the smell), and now the ads provided more interactions with the reader (plastic cover, embedded items). Good luck and salute to all advertisers!

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