June 30 - July 7, Wendy in Beijing

Confirmed. I will be on a business trip so related expenses will be covered by the company. Project scale assumably covered both local category and transliteration for Maps. Any other highlights about this upcoming trip?
  • Flight: Direct flights Taipei-Beijing. COOL!
  • Hotel locates close to our Beijing office and Tsinghua University, meaning
    -1: I can walk to work
    -2: I can go visit the famous Uni campus very easily!
  • Tina Yu, my NTUMUN friend is in Beijing now!!!!! 200% sure we'll meet up
  • The most sudden unplanned international trip EVER! Broke the record kept by my Malaysia business trip in 2006
    -From "heard about it" to "book the flight to go"=1 day
    -From "heard about it" to "actually fly"=7 days
  • The most "WHAT?!" trip to my parents.
    "Please clarify the situation for me, my girl. What happened to your contract? Who/Why/When/What/How? about the trip?"
Anyways, it's a GREAT update. Here I come again, Beijing!

P.S. 1: Last time I visit Beijing was in 1999....... 1999 & 2009, wow! That's 10 years apart!
P.S. 2: Last year around this time, early July, I went visit Shanghai for the KFC China project. So, my July routine is...... something China business trip?!


eddy said...

It's so cool. U did it.

WendyChen said...

hey~ yeah I made it;)

How's UK so far??

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