Wendy E-News- [Update from G...ler Wendy]

Hello my lovely friends,

Understood, you are excited by the title as well. I have to clarify though, that I am only a temporary contractor working for G Taiwan in Taipei. Still, you can stay excited and inspired because....... Hey! It's G ;)

I am sorry that I didn't update my life back home in Taiwan for a long while. I firstly had to conquer some horrible allergy and jet-lag issues, and entertained my family and friends who have not seen me for a long time. When I finally got prepared to start another round of job hunting, I forced myself to become super busy at that time, which I should, so I told myself: catch up with others once you got something to report. More than luckily I got the temporary offer from G mid-May and started my heavenly interesting life since then. Some more detail? Read on.

"Local Category Specialist" is my title. "G Maps" is the product that I am working so hard to improve day by day. I had one co-worker, Patty, with her excellent EE background and native English proficiency to enjoy this process of "making contributions" with. The office, 73F of Taipei 101, for sure is as great as everyone describes- extremely colorful, super creative and humane, great views (day and night) and.... no one ever worried about what to eat/drink. Patty and I received one-week training from two outstanding engineers from Mountain View and from Zurich offices. For the rest of our service, we worked closely with other cool team members in Taiwan and sometimes remotely with co-workers around the globe. We worked super hard, guaranteed, sometimes overtime, but we never complained. We both felt proud of making some tangible contributions for users in Taiwan, and potentially/indirectly for the world.

Life in G wasn't always working though. Every Tuesday evening, I played badminton or basketball with co-workers. Every Friday afternoon, our TGIF event treated us with great food, interesting updates, sometimes karaoke/Jenga/some other funs. Every lunch time, we fought for freshly cut fruits (Top target: Mango). I also volunteered to assist GServe 2009, a CSR program, to build up social workers' technology skills. And, so much more.

My original contract was ended on June 26, but thanks to God and thanks to my manager, my service has officially extended for three more weeks till July 17. Additionally, I will be on a business trip to Beijing office during June 30 to July 7. "You.....kind of.... broke a record," one of the engineers said. I only know one thing: My desire to make contributions is endless. I will always treat every single day "my last day," so that I can keep my spirit high, to explore, to enjoy, and to keep dreaming.

BTW, I did travel a bit before I started working. I went visit the Turtle Island with my parents, and I went back south to visit my grand parents & relatives and to explore the beauty of central Taiwan. My parents and my brother are fine. Cat Pipi is very healthy and lovely, sometimes a little bit too naughty. I love them. I love their company. I know they are the reason I am here, happily.

May you love whatever you are working on, whoever you are with right now as well.


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