First Two Days in Language Canada

is quite smooth so far. have to copy things, to quickly get more familiar with their courses, to take care of the kids/teachers needs, to pick up phone calls and to call out for absent kids or something else. I'm fine with these so far, but I'm still quite fresh on dealing with all those stuffs. I'll make a progress soon~

The other good news is, all the staffs there seem to be nice to get alone with.
Carrie, the Canadian boss, also speaks perfect Chinese. She's quite "cute" sometimes, although you may not think so when you see her at the first sight.
Jessica, the manager to arrange all the courses and to deal with EVERY complicated situation, tends to go crazy easily, but I can understand her. She's always under too much pressure. In addition, her job is actually close to my PR interests. To follow her steps may be a great help for my future career?
Kelly, my co-worker in NanJing branch, is quite nice to me. She taught me lots of things, and handled all mistakes I made during my still-green-days. Also, she's quite an expert to persuade parents to send their children here, not to mention how great she is to maintain the relationships with the students and parents.
As for Zoy, my other co-worker in AnHo branch, we met each other for the first time this evening. We didn't talk too much yet, so maybe it'll be fairer to talk about her later.

The other comment I'd like to say is "Rome is not built within a day," so is English ability. All the kids at Language Canada struggle to improve their English, and their parents stuggle to pay the fee... Nevertheless, they're all lucky ones. I do believe that the courses here are truly juicy for them.

I'm kind of envious you know? Why didn't I get this environment to grow up, and to lay my foundation? What's more, I found myself a little afraid of speaking to the teachers, because I was worried about whether I could pass them the correct message or not (especially in front of those smart children). Oh well, that means I need to get more trainings~ I'll be cool after all these!

Have to believe in myself! Or, how can I go to Switzerland?

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