Thank You! Creative Teacher!!!

Just back from the Introduction of Mass Communication's final exam. Or maybe I should say, there's actually no final at all?

In the classroom, all the students worked hard to fight for their grade, but Prof. Chu suddenly stopped us by saying, "Attention! Two minutes, please!" He then pointed to the blackboard and said, "There's the distribution of your grades for the mid-term, and you cab see that most of you have done a great job. So here's a special offer." Not to mention, everybody was curious about what he would say in the following minutes. "If you would like to bet, that your mid-term grade is good enough, you may stop your test now and come to the front to get your mid-term result. Once you decide to do so, I'll use it as your grade for this semester. Or, you may finish the final and take the grade of the even of your mid-term and final-term exams. You may still have the 3rd option: finish the final and then come to see your mid-term grade, At that time you can choose between (1)to use the mid-term grade for this semester (2)to use the Even of the two exams." I bet you all can feel the hidden excitement in that classroom. BET OR NOT? BET OR NOT?!

Withough second thought, I went to the front. I have confidence in myself. I knew that I've learned quite something from this class, and there's no need to evaluate me again from merely an exam. More importantly, I knew my mid-term grade would not be too bad, and I didn't ask for too much- a fair grade would satisfy me.

I went out of classroom with a BIG smile. I got 96 for the mid-term(and for the semester.) Happily, I came home preparing for my FINAL final. (could be the toughest oneXD) Tomorrow afternoon, I'll walk out of the classroom with an even brighter smile(hopefully). GOOD BYE, NTU! GOOD BYE, MY STUDENT LIFE~

Gotta go to prepare....

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