Hometown, A Very Quick Visit

I went back with Mom and Dad for the Fathers' Day. From night of 7th, we drove south and arrived home Taipei again at night of 9th. Jeez, that was truly quick, wasn't it? However, it was a pleasant trip.

For so many years, I've never been to TungKang, PingTung during summer. I was a busy student during summer vacation, but ironically when I became an OL without vacations, I asked for a leave to go back home celebrating Fathers' Day with Grandpa this time. It turned out great! Relatives were surprised and happy to see me there, and they were astonished by my "hot" summer dress :P
My aunt: "Wow! Wendy, this is the first time for us to know that your style is so hot!"
Me : "Come on, aunty. You saw me mostly in winter, how can you know my summer style then?"

Nothing much have I done there, besides relaxing, talking and having fun with my relatives. Talking to grandma, helping her prepare materials for the Hungry Ghost Festival, which happened to be at the same date with Fathers's Day this year, made me feel happy as well. Frankly, grandma and I lost our ever tightest connection since I came to Taipei living with my parents, away from her eyesight which didn't resemble my first two and a half years spending with her, so that we shared fewer and fewer topics to talk about; I felt sorry and uncomfortable about that, yet I didn't know what to do positively. All that I knew was to keep her company when I was told to, and tried to be the best grand daughter ever all the time. Additionally, never let go the chances to say sweet words to her: "A-Ma! Your rice dumplings are the best in the world!" "A-Ma! I miss you sooooo much! Take care of yourself for me, because I care!" etc. Saying goodbye to her this time actually made me feel down again. How could it be easy to leave the greatest traditional mother model in my mind?

I'm back to Taipei, nevertheless. Any emotions toward hometown need go down....Because the wheel of live is still rolling, isn't it?

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