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Recently I got problem maintaining our Official Website of GASC. When people left their complains/suggestions in the forum, it was natural for them to think that "surely I should get some response soon," and they especially expected the key persons (people in charge, mostly the "bosses") to give them the official answers. I understood their concerns fully, but these incidents sparked me to think about "the real method to keep a/the website/blog running." So free and liberal our society is, is it truly matter that all the requests should be dealt with, and all the complains be taken into consideration seriously?

I was the kind of people who embraced the efficiency of ICT(Information Communication Technology) much; yet by the recent experieces, deeply I knew it was somehow incorrect. First, not everyone can catch up with the pace, and it was not correct to force them to do so. Comparatively, the elders would never meet the youths' standard. Some elders, like Mr. Lee, have tried their best, but since new softwares and new skills evolve so quick, quite possibly that they will still be left behind. Additionally, ICT is something too new that does not belong to their original living and working style, if they remain execute their mission well, just in a slower way though, they should not be blamed harshly- not to mention that their eagerness and passion to solve problems we've encountered were by no means less. Besides elders, so many people are not allowed, or incapable of, accessing Internet so frequently due to their environment or background limitations- they may be willing to, but they just can't. How can we blame them on their less active response?

Further, supposing to use the ICT is never a problem to everyone, people can- using their free will- choose not to use it, and prefer their "old-fashioned" ways instead. "We need time to think this over and then make proper decision." Mr. Lee told me once, "no one can stand any rough explanations on this big issue, don't you think?" Thus, when people raised big issues in our forum, my boss(es) mostly prefered to postpone the reply and to give thorough answers later when needed, and these issues sometimes inspired them to come up with a brand new general project/plan later on. To me, I valued this kind effects then get a fast but vague response. What's more, in a rapid world with enormous information flow every passing second, I can fully understand people's info-phobia. If listening to their heart and staying away from ICT are their choice, and thus this group of people are questioned to be out-of-date or not cooperative, it is not fair, or even a discrimination, to them.

Back to the comments, if all comments are constructive and influential, to give them proper response should be our least duty. But, is it so? Freedom of speech has been misused for centries, and we all knew it. Most of the time, people cannot wait to criticize and to attack others even when they got merely the biased "truth." Ironically almost every time, the public tent to believe those sayings, which worsen the situation. The authority, however, either has no time to clarify itself clause by clause, or has no right to give responses to all criticisms when the real causes of problems were due to failure of division(s)/department(s) but not the HQ, and thus, again, this made thing terribly bad....

At the same time, sectionalism made the HQ or other departments become "trouble maker(s)," which was not necessarily true, but all posts online- unilateral communication- often broadened people's conception gap but not narrowed it down. Why not use less time to type and save more time to talk in person? Why use the ambiguous way to express your feelings and to expect others' response through virtual world? If it is soooo important, and you're eager to know the answer immediatedly, why not call? Why not make an appointment? Why not use your full name and full title to stand before the person in charge, pointing at them with your finger, telling them how terrible they've done their job, instead of discrediting people in behind, and bullying the fundamental staffs who were mostly incapable of shouldering the blame?

Nearly am I a perfectionist, but I won't torture myself on these this time. Luckily that I've got some support to stay cool. Ala......I'll go through it, hopefully!

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