Jessie Officially Left Us

After 1.5 years of serving for GASC, Jessie officially resigned and left the office- today. Just few days ago, we suddenly found that the ONLY picture of both of us was taken during the National Jamboree this year, by Philip.

Yes, I'm telling you the truth......Sounds wierd, right?

I guess most of the time when we were together we concentrated on working and serving others, so that we hardly remembered to take any pictures together. Philip, accidentally, initiated the idea of taking one. Otherwise, I guess we won't even have a single picture taken >"<

Frankly, I'm nervous about her leaving, for she's my best closest friend in the office. I can't imagine how my life will change afterwards. At least, no one in the office would listen to my worries and complains-like a "friend" than a collegue; maybe no one would sincerely invite me for lunch and step outside with pure joy and happiness (of excaping from the office?).; no girl stays in the same room with me when we're in events, etc.

Goodbye Jessie, although I know when I step into the office tomorrow morning, the "something-is-missing" feeling will strike me harshly, it's better for you.

Be well. Take Care....

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