Warehouse Resetting

My office started to clean the back warehouse (finally XD) today, and the rubbish inside is overwhelmingly exceed our expectation.... We got a lot different kinds of certificates from all periods, even from different chairmen; tons of blank receipts and receipt records; boxes of camp projects, achievement reports, and half-done or complete models/finished products from Scouts for certain training courses; souvenirs, all sizes of posters as well as other handouts, booklets, leaflets, achievement reports- for all kinds of Jamborees, ETC.
One of the boxes represent the love from our Japanese friends. I was told that they sent a lot of masks for us during SARS, and it was very easy for you to find out those masks. They are here, in this box with LOTS OF STAMPS...... Jeez.....I've never seen people doing this before. They must be in a hurry?? so that they forgot to send it by buying a postal ticket instead of pasting so many stamps......

I can't help taking a picture of it. Amazing, huh?

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