Mom, Dad, and I went to Carrefour tonight, and we chose SUSHI Express 爭鮮 to be our dinner. NT 30 per dish, quite fair and acceptable, we three had 17 of them. Mom and I was choked by Wasabi a few times on our nose, but it was cool to us! I know some of you just cannot understand why, but unless you try it once, you'll never know!!!

When I was full, I started to look around and to take silly pics. On the left, ladies and gentlemen, was the king of tonight- Mr. Arthur Chen! He ate all these you see! hahahahahahaha~

Ohohoh wait, I guessed someone disagreed with my report, she jumped in and asked me to correct my report: oh well, ladies and gentlemen, Madem Chin-Yu Hung was truly the queen of tonight~ All these, yeah you're right, 17 of them, were finished by her, and apparently she felt just fine. See, she's still drinking some tea and relaxing~

Dearest friends, no matter how silly you think this article is, at least I would like you to know one thing- I'm the luckiest girl in the world, because I have a great family here! :)

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