Felt Happy When

I heard some songs that linked me to our memories;

I met with friends to review all those silly childhood memories and those people we knew;

Pipi came "talking" to me at night: "why don't you go to bed, honey sis?"

the view I could see from the elevator hall resembled that from 73F;

people I just met were impressed by my quick response to things;

I picked a nutritious and tasty bread for breakfast;

I woke up after 10 Saturday morning and found- I had millions of reasons to stay in bed;

my coffee smell just wonderful and went perfect with my marshmallow;

mom said I looked gorgeous even when I dressed something only NT$100;

I mentioned you with others and felt proud of having someone like you as "my friend";

others replied my email with spectacular updates and incredible encouragements;

in my dream, we could dance together, with our favorite music. us.

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