Wendy E-News[From G to A, Life Advances]

Dear my lovely friends,

Finally, no more wonder around for Wendy! I found a spot for myself and settled to start working, full-time.

July 17, reluctantly, I quietly left the 73F office when my contract expired. In my farewell statement, I told my beloved coworkers: "I will stay as the top fan of G products and of all those extraordinary talents like you guys- who are creating history for our world. Please keep your great works rolling!"

September 14, my new journey began at HQ of A*** TPE as a PM for graphics card. "Empty Yourself!" was the first concept my boss taught me. Actually, I AM empty in this completely new field. My potential was recognized by my manager and my team through three rounds of intense interviews. My ignorance about the product and my overly-ideal point of view were also tolerated- and the team offered me the opportunity to start learning from scratch step by step, asking millions of stupid questions to get more idea. I have started working for one week, an overwhelming week. The way to learn ahead is endless. Endless.

I indeed got some mixed feelings when looking back to this tumbled path:
  • I was insulted by some interviewer in person
  • I was valued by ex-bosses and was informed about openings twice
  • I was referred by alum and senior friends to their contacts
  • For several times, I prepared proposals for those unfamiliar products and processes and tried to win over my audiences
  • Unbelievably, I won my strong competitor who's a real professional in the field
  • For many occasions, I consulted seniors with urgent issues via phone/email and made them worry about me
My landing at A*** was not only a great news for myself but also a relief to my family and friends, I guess.
Thank you all for the support and concern along the way!

Lastly, my life was not that packed with tour or fun these days; Not that many great photos or life records either.
Some materials to share include:
Hope you can get a chance to visit my photos.
Hope you like my ordinary life right now.

All the Best!

Love, Wendy


devilandrew said...


elin said...

Congratulations Wendy!
I am sure you will enjoy your brand new working life, just keep us posted


WendyChen said...

Thanks Elin! All the best to you, too!

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