Nothing Ever Happened-陳奕迅

Was simply touched by this song and by his voice.
But you know what, it's not so easy to pretend that nothing ever happened- for those happened, HAPPENED.
Those loved, moved, cried, hated, dreamed, lost, fought, argued...... HAPPENED.

Nothing Ever Happened
作詞:林嘉欣/ 作曲:林暐哲
編曲:李守信/金木義則/梁介洋/黃冠豪/石博元/ 製作:林暐哲

Hey, you once called me your baby
say it for the last time
with all your strength and meaning it this time

Hey, you once promised me the world
but I never asked for it
but I never asked for it

Hey, you once praised me beautiful
why I'd get get weaker
why would I get weaker

oh Please, please don't,
I am so scared, scared you're too perfect for me
or am I too naive for you

either way it's too late
too late for regrets, I'm hurrrrrrt
leave me out of love
leave love out, leave me out

hey, let's just pretend
nothing ever happened
nothing ever happened

hey, let's just pretend
nothing ever happened
nothing nothing never ever happened

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