Add Some Creativity in Life- Take the Piano Stairs for example

This is awesome! It successfully encourage everyone to use the stairs instead of escalator. You felt happy when you see those people "playing" with the stairs, elders or babies, humans or dogs.

Maybe not fully related, but I saw an article today and I'd love to share it here as well. "萬馬齊瘖的遊戲時代"on蘋果日報(Mandarin). It discussed about the recent banning policy to block playing Facebook games- Happy Farmers- during working hours in Taiwan. Companies did this to force employees to concentrate on work, 100% without break and entertainment; authors of this article believed, however, appropriate work-leisure-work-leisure intervals worked much better to ensure working efficiency and quality. That was why and how games like Happy Farmers became popular- since it provided the slight/loose leisure and entertainment, PLUS! the interactivity among friends.

What stroke me more, for sure, was the Google office sentence.
Google在辦公室裡擺滿了玩具和遊戲,但同時也期望員工下班後「自動」留下來繼續工作。(Google places all kinds of toys and games in the office, but it simultaneously expects its staff to stay in the office "working" after the working hours.)
Ah.... What more can I say....

To sum up and to return to the topic here, to regulate strictly or even to force people to complete a task could only ensure things to be done right- in the way that everyone else knew and did before. Given some space and allowed creativities with some outside-of-the-box time, people could get the right things done in the impressive way. Just like this piano stairs case!

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