The Important Wishes-2

My 8th wish: Overseas scouts friend Chih-Hao H. can explore the massive land and conquer the peaks- one after another- happily. Yeah, Tibet's waiting for ya! Orson L. can enjoy his merry sea world and get his diving licenses super quick. Yeah, Great Barrier Reef is calling!

My 7th wish: I can build up regular exercise routine to stay fit and stay healthy!

My 6th wish: Scouting friends Chih-yu C., Mushroomyuki C., Zoye H., Johnny W., Chun-Hang W. can all enjoy their work & life. New job brings interesting challenges; original job brings different surprises. Those single find great fit for them; those occupied enjoy the love fully :)

My 5th wish: For the new year, NO unwanted overwork & long hours, NO MORE!!!! Need MIRACLE to have that come true ;)

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