The Important Wishes-3

My 12th wish: 波妞&皮蛋 won't make too much trouble for mommy Anne T. & daddy Vince W. The kitties will continuously be the blessings and the laughter makers of your lives. Endless luck will as well come along~~~

My 11th wish: Emilie C. & you-know-who can find solutions to stay together happily as long as possible wherever works. Indeed, you are so cute together ^^

My 10th wish: the one for me can reveal himself soon. I know I'm not pretty nor smart, but I know I can be caring, kind & adorable. Please don't view me as scary, for I'm purely another human being...

My 9th wish: Pinkies in the Best Season Ever-- Teddi, Julia, Andrea, Chris, Pete, and Ragga-- can joyfully stay fit in wherever she/he is to prepare for our 10YR reunion! We all will ROCK our own fields until then, and for sure we'll have tons of stories to share later!

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