The Important Wishes-6

My 24th wish: 亭均&緣緣聰明伶俐功課超級棒童軍技巧超級強; 至洪&至容 大學生涯精彩滿點每分每秒都不虛度; Sunny H. 用遊歷世界各地累積的巨大能量未來在職場上所向披靡!

My 23rd wish: Elly C., 書豪快快嫁/娶; 瑋瑋, Gung-Heng C.有好工作賺大錢; 君君, 佩佩, 岑岑 習得一技之長健康快樂的迎向精彩人生!

My 22nd wish: I really desire to pick up my Japanese again....

My 21st wish: Go to a concert with Master Andrew S. sometime again! Dude, I do miss the great music & the stories you shared with me~ When will I get some music refill ;)

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