The Important Wishes-5

My 20th wish: Super talented NTUMUNers can all shine in their field no matter if that's law, finance, business, research, consulting, government, or FMCG. Yes I'm referring to Joey C., Kevin F., Tina Y., Jeanne L., Phoebe H., Mingdi L., Katherine C., Yichin C., Lan C., Wei-kuo M., etc

My 19th wish: stop crying. period.

My 18th wish: Zhaoyang F. enjoys his research world in the colorful Cali. and implement his 30yrs resolution! Zhenxing F. can keep enjoy Chicago for all of the friends who're missing Lake Michigan like crazy. And dude- find a lovely girl to cherish!

My 17th wish: Jack C. keeps enjoy his pleasant work and finds a gorgeous girl for himself soon! Alfred C.'s business will have jump start in the new year & he'll be happily with his lucky girl all the time; Vera T. enjoys her colorful student life for all of us now, while we're too busy at earning dimes :P Have fun girl!!

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