The Important Wishes-4

My 16th wish: Dream come true, without disappointment.

My 15th wish: IMCers Myriam C., Simran S., Nishant S., Serena Y., Nina X., and Annie T., enjoy their work & life a lot wherever they are- Africa, US, Hong Kong. You know I miss you a lot. You know I'm dreaming about the day to meet you again! You have my HUGE hug and kitty Pipi's sweet, warm hug ^^

My 14th wish: TMUNDA Specialists Mandy W., Patty W., Paula L., Terence L., Peggy L., & A-mei W. will harvest from their MUN experiences and benefit from their extra efforts for the bigger dream. For certain they'll all be the future stars in the respective fields- 100% no doubt.

Can't wait to make the next wish-- My 13th wish: FIND THE HAPPY WENDY BACK!!!!!!!!

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