He Distracted Me...

Mom threw me some lines during the class, and the eye-catching contents were as follows:

Pipi(our cat) wanted to go out with us every morning.

Since your dad didn't start his semester yet(he's a uni professor), basically he would be home keeping Pipi company.

However, this morning when your dad ask Pipi "How about go to (Mom's) school today?"(My mom worked in a primary school)

Upon the time my dad opened the gate of his handbasket (we used to carry him around), Pipi entered and sat comfortably inside.

"Action is better than words." Even our cat understood this.

After he arrived at the school, everyone who entered Mom's office went to say hello with Pipi, and he greeted all extremely friendly- lying on the floor with his chest up, asking for a pat, almost "saying" "keeping me company for a little while, please~".

How smart was our lovely Pipi!
Geez.... I miss him a lot!!!!

雖然牠沒有回答 但是以行動表示


我真的好想念我家的寶貝皮皮貓 :(

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