Cause Marketing and Social Responsibility - Kellogg Marketing Conference

Cause Marketing and Social Responsibility - Kellogg Marketing Conference

This is shared by one of the panelist: Rajan Dev, president of Hot Studio Inc. in San Francisco. I met him at the 2009 Kellogg Marketing Conference and got to know more about how to make cause marketing work. Rajan shared his perspectives based on the experiences in the marketing agency side. His business started to involve with so many cause marketing projects since it kicked off and gained reputation in the industry. Anyone who's interested in the concept of cause marketing or corporate social responsibilities(CSR) should take a look at it, and you will find it valuable. One part of the examples is included below:

During the course of the conversation, Kathy suggested a framework, which other members of the panel built upon for assessing whether cause marketing might be appropriate for a brand or product. The key components were:

1. Brand Alignment

2. Valued by the Community

3. Does it excite employees?

4. Longevity

5. Transparency and Progress

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