First Present- Bruce Springsteen

Just got it today, after the Super Bowl game. The poster and the "Rolling Stone" magazine was handed quietly, but the silence said it all. I was moved, because I did not expect anything. At the same time, though, I kind of knew that you probably won't show up on Tuesday.

Bruce's performance at Super Bowl wouldn't mean anything to me if you did not introduce him and his music to me some time ago. Super Bowl, as well, might not be so attractive to me if there were not you and the lovely group of friends. Frankly I would say, you opened up some windows for me to explore- about music, about sports, about people, and about life. I sincerely appreciated those, and deeply I knew that the best gift you've given me was far more priceless than just a poster and a magazine.

Yes, we were born to run. We were, we are and we will be working on a dream. How lucky I am to have you on my way to pursue my dream! Cheers!

In the day we sweat it out in the streets of a runaway american dream
At night we ride through mansions of glory in suicide machines
Sprung from cages out on highway 9,
Chrome wheeled, fuel injected and steppin out over the line
Baby this town rips the bones from your back
Its a death trap, its a suicide rap
We gotta get out while were young
`cause tramps like us, baby we were born to run

Wendy let me in I wanna be your friend
I want to guard your dreams and visions
Just wrap your legs round these velvet rims
And strap your hands across my engines
Together we could break this trap
Well run till we drop, baby well never go back
Will you walk with me out on the wire
`cause baby Im just a scared and lonely rider
But I gotta find out how it feels
I want to know if love is wild, girl I want to know if love is real

Beyond the palace hemi-powered drones scream down the boulevard
The girls comb their hair in rearview mirrors
And the boys try to look so hard
The amusement park rises bold and stark
Kids are huddled on the beach in a mist
I wanna die with you Wendy on the streets tonight
In an everlasting kiss

The highways jammed with broken heroes on a last chance power drive
Everybodys out on the run tonight but theres no place left to hide
Together Wendy we'll live with the sadness
I'll love you with all the madness in my soul
Someday girl I dont know when were gonna get to that place
Where we really want to go and well walk in the sun
But till then tramps like us baby we were born to run

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