Rip-off Company/position- The Lionheart Group

I found the king of all the rip-offs~ Check THIS LIST of complains... I was contacted and asked to fill some forms. The first question after contact info confused me already:
I would prefer to:
Make an income from my personal sales efforts
Build a sales team and earn overrides
A combination of both

Again, I HATE this kind of company. Please NEVER, EVER come to bother me please!!!!!

Report: The Lionheart Group

Category: Insurance Agencies

The Lionheart Group Scam job interview ripoff Dallas Texas

The Lionheart Group
3010 LBJ Frwy
Dallas, Texas, 75234

Submitted: 12/11/2006

Thank goodness I didn't fall for this scam. I have an 'interview' there tomorrow. I knew something was wrong - I've never heard of them, and they have no phone number. That's why I did some research. A big 'Thank you' to the internet and to those of you who warned the rest of us. I'll be a 'no show' for the scammers!

Dallas, Texas


R. Yancey said...

Our CEO has published a response to these questions or concerns that may be found here: http://lionheartnews.com/comments.html

Thank you,
Richard Yancey
Lionheart Group Public Relations

Anonymous said...

Your CEO tried to make a pile of poop smell like roses.
Here's the scam as I understand it:
they either misrepresent themselves as a recruiter or misrepresent themselves as a sales company who 'saw something in your resume' that makes them think you'd be good at B2B sales. Having sold for 3 years with a fortune 500 company and specializing in B2B sales, the only thing in a resume that speaks to an ability to sell B2B is previous B2B experience.
It has been reported that Lionheart group requires you to purchase a background check, then prepay for services/products which you then must sell. They then pay you a commission based on your sales which, of course, will be next to impossible.
A quick check of their site reveals some serious warning signs that should serve as red flags to anyone seeking employment:
1) No corporate phone number
2) No information about their expert senior management team (they claim 50+ years of combined experience - that could be 1 year and 50 managers)
3) They don't explain their products and services in any way (topical, generic descriptors like 'identity theft protection' and 'group legal services' are way to vague to be considered realistic)
4) If you've never sold anything to anyone, they will still recruit you because you represent money in their pocket at no cost to them. You will quickly learn that sales is difficult, especially when you are selling for a company no one has ever heard of or knows anything about.
5) They have lots of locations, most of which are individual suites. No home office? Forget it.

Steer clear of scammy companies like this so they can die, which is what they deserve for running a company in such a predatory way. These folks are relying on your unemployment motivation and trying to pretend they are a reputable, well-known company. What reputable company refuses to provide a phone number? What reputable company blindly sends recruiting emails to everyone on careerbuilder.com?

Steer clear. Their CEO should have shut his mouth instead of unintentionally validating all the claims of a 'scammy company' by trying to further obfuscate their shady business practices.

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