Who Linked to Your Site? These Helped Find Out

I was revisiting one of the articles I collected earlier: How to maximize the power of Google search engine to help your search (info in Mandarin). And I ran one of the functions- "link:www.thesite.com"- to see if there are any sites that connects to mine (Daily Wendy). If so, who are those? (Maybe I can also figure out the "Why" at the same time). Luckily I also came across a very useful article listing all the free online software to check backlinks: "How To Check How Many Backlinks Your Site Has." So, here it goes, using "Daily Wendy" as an example to see how powerful and different are these tools.

1. Type in "link: wendysdreamland.blogspot.com" on Google search

2. Use SEO Pro's Link Checker
  • It shows that I have 2,713 backlinks (wow!) with a spreadsheet listing everything like this chart below
  • After putting the listings into a excel file and trying to figure out what is going on here, I discovered:
    a: >90% them are from Fili's World (Wow!)
    b: some from aggregation sites: feedburner, Sphere.com, technorati.com
    c: some by me: LinkedIn, Twitter, Plurk, postcrossing, blogger, slideshare, inside IMC
    d: a few by people I know well: ByteSurgery(Robin), Mom Goes Back (Eileen)
# BackLink Homepage PR PR Links count Anchor Anchor Type
1 http://www.filination.com/blog/ 0 4 231 ? ?
2 http://www.filination.com/blog/2007/03/25/chinese-baidu 0 3 396 ? ?
3 http://www.filination.com/blog/2006/09/02/is-the-chines 0 2 404 404 404

3. Use SubmitEdge's PageRank Checker Tool + Alexa Tool + Link Checker Tool http://www.submitedge.com/pr.html
PageRank         1
Alexa Rank    6,397,684
Listed in DMOZ     No
Backlinks from Google   16
Backlinks from Yahoo  2,974
Results from AltaVista  207
Results from All the Web 114

4. Use iWebTool's Backlink Checker
  • No results found. I guess it did not track blogs
5. Use Smart PageRank's BackLink PageRank Check
  • No results found. I guess it did not track blogs
6. Use Professional Link Building's Free Website Valuation http://www.professionallinkbuilding.com/websitevaluation.aspx
  • Page Ranking Analysis: Google PageRank: 1
  • Backlinks from Major Search Engines:
Google: 0
Yahoo: 3,173
MSN: 0
AllTheWeb: 1,170
AltaVista: 2,640
  • Total number of backlinks: 6,983
  • Alexa Traffic Ranking: 6,397,684
  • The Estimated Value of This Website Based on Available Metrics is: $122
  • Potential Revenue Streams From This Website:
Text Link Advertising: $0 monthly (terrible!)
Product Placement: $2 monthly (not much better)
Affiliate Marketing: $2 monthly (well...)
Independent Advertising: $0 monthly (so poor XD)

  • I don't know why these tools reported with these many different results. Number of backlinks ranged from 2,000 to nearly 7,000. Which one is closer to reality?
  • Blogs might not be included in some of the backlink tracking services, which is controversial. Why should they be excluded?
  • Apparently most of the tools did not conquer the "language" issue. As a long time blogger and online community participant, my backlink should show much more data. (So many records should be from Mandarin Web sites, e.g. Wretch.com, 104.com.tw, citifamily.com.tw, etc)
  • All my blogs are connected and share so many blacklinks. All are public and searchable. Where are they in this blacklink search?
  • How about my Picasa photo albums (all public and searchable)?
  • I knew so many more other blogs or Web sites were connected to my site. Where did they go?
  • Monetize your site with the dollar value ($) is a great and clear idea. Made sense!
I will try to find another Web site to run the analysis again to compare my discoveries. Let's see if "blogs" are outcasted.....

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