Alive Again, from a Sunny Spring Day

Bravo! My lovely spring break finally came!
After the long serious torture of the winter quarter, after submitting the very last final exam online, I finally could start breathing normally. What a blessing!

First, I celebrated with some classmates at Wednesday night with several rounds of alcohol (oops~) What followed was my lovely Thursday lunch date with Annie Tao at Panera Bread. We were so lucky to have a sunny day, which reflected our joy in a pleasant way. Needless to say, our meals were wonderful and refresh. Our talks were very enjoyable, too!

I love my smart classmate Annie, I do~!
And I love our revival lunch with sunshine~~~
From 0803-Random
It was very good to know that "we had no time limit before the next schedule." I cheated Annie once by saying "Oh, Annie, we have to catch up with the 1 p.m. class." Surprisingly she was shocked and became nervous about what I've said :P

I was bad. I was bad.

When time flew in this kind of slow pace, all horrible lies could be forgiven easily. Right, Annie?

We fooled around with sunshine and the warm store for some more time and decided to go play piano. As promised, I taught Annie how to play a very famous song as well as played some song for her. The melody further brightened up our day, regardless of the tone of the songs I played was sad or joyful.

Theme Song of Forest Gum,
Color of the Wind,
天黑黑Dark Skies(孫燕姿Yenzi),
我願意I Will(王菲Fei Wang),
The Moon Represents My Heart月亮代表我的心, etc.

I had no clue why, but while the melody was flowing, I thought of you. Thought of if you were here, how would you react to my music? What would you say and what would you do? What songs would you ask me to play? Do you have melody to keep you company on your side? Do you have the same shining sunshine over there that lights up your day?

so_ do- mi so- do si_- mi so-, so la- si do^ la so~

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