Snow, March 21

Unbelievable, I know! But we got snow again today, March 21.

I somehow love this snow, because it gave me a wonderful reason to stay at home, doing whatever came to my mind. :) This is definitely the most valuable thing on earth right now.
From 0803-Random
I talked to Mom in the morning about everything for so long a time, seeing my lovely Pipi lying on his blanket, fake napping while listening to our talks; I turned on the Taiwanese online radio with love song all night long (TW time) while blogging, replying emails, chatting with friends through MSN, updating photos, and planning for trips. Sometimes I'd get up rearranging my room, do some cleaning, sometimes I went make myself some simple, tasty food, snacks or drinks.

No, my life is not productive.
But this is real life :)

This snow, also brought me surprising messages. Just cannot stop smiling when thinking about them.
The dream, the Jazz, the snow, the sunshine, the sleepless night....

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