Almost the End of Spring Break?!

OH NO!!!!!!! Can't be true!!!!!!

I just enjoyed an afternoon with workout and piano play,
just got my pillow and comforter clean and dry,
just visited several places and enjoyed two shows,
just enjoyed the slow pace for few days with pleasant cooking fun,
just got used to keep record of my life everyday here again.....

The end?!


Seigo Usui said...

pls note that your computer seems to get infected by a virus, because i got the following links to those websites from you via MSN messages:
(the 1st message)hey check this .. http://new.c00lstuff.info !!
(the 2nd message)

When you access the link of the 2nd message, it prompts you to enter your ID and Password for your MSN account. This seems to try to steal your ID and Password in a sneaky way. These messages might have been sent to all of people who are listed in your MSN buddly list. Just check it your computer gets infected by a virus. Wonder if you have anti-virus software installed on your computer... anyway.. good luck. :-) Seigo Usui (Japan)

wendychen said...

Thanks for your reminder. I will be careful next time. Thank you again!

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