Friday Night & Saturday Wonder

"Miss Pettigrew Lives for A Day," was a featureless movie that described a dramatic day for a middle age lady in London. Her story was not so special, but everything she encountered was so touching and close to my heart. I felt her surprise, her sadness, her affection, and her disappointment throughout the time. And, the ordinary yet poetic ending made me smile. It also strengthened my positive belief about relationship. :)

This, on my original plan, would be the happy ending of my Friday night with Serena. We two girls cooked and ate dinner together before the movie. FYI, our dinner was so nutritious with diverse veggies, orange juice and pear as fruit!

Thanks to Ann's surprising invitation, I took the 10:38 SafeRide and went to her place for another tiny, entertaining party!

I know, I know, we're crazy.

Ann, Ivan, Matt and I were there together drinking wine, eating egg rolls and other yummy snacks while playing games, listening to music and chatting. We played Jinga and Scrabble. Girls team was beaten by the boys horribly when playing Scrabble. Matt, an English undergrad major and an always talented guy, was overwhelmingly professional, and Ivan was surprisingly powerful, too!

Hmmm, maybe we should drink a little bit more next time, Ann?

When I became sober in Saturday afternoon, Kelly and Nina invited me to join them for some workout in the gym. So we went, sweat on the equipments and saunaed, happily and healthily return to Rui Wang's place to pick up some software Nina needed. This not-on-schedule visit brought me to know another great person with her great story. Be positive, be thoughtful, be curious, believe in yourself, be grateful for what you own, be patient, be confident. Don't complain, don't doubt on your own, don't panic. And this last part was from myself: BELIEVE IN GOD!

It is true that she's lucky, but what makes her lucky- I believe- results from her correct, positive attitude. I reflected myself when she was making her points, and pleasantly, I felt the deep relief after the visit.

I shall believe in myself as well.
I shall believe in my choice and embrace whatever (hardship) comes to me.
She can make it, so can I!



Ann said...

The boys killed us, but we'll have more zin on our side next time.

wendychen said...

Absolutely! hehehehe

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