Wendy E-News-[The warmest Spring greetings from Chicago!]

Dear my lovely friends,

Warmest Greetings from Wendy in Chicago!
How is your spring time going? Are you ready for some update from Wendy?

Of course I'll start with this- Study again.

My second quarter ended around late March, and I've enrolled in the third round- Spring quarter- already. This term of struggle will keep me busy till early June.

As expected, "Database Marketing & Analysis" and "Marketing Finance" occupied most of my time and strength for the previous quarter. "Media Economics & Technology" and "Stakeholders & Community" together with the two quantitative courses overwhelmed me in the end of the quarter with 4 giant group projects plus 4 terrifying final exams. I once had 3 consecutive meetings from 9 a.m. to 11 p.m., and I was not special. My classmates had handful horrible experiences like that in that period of time. So, yes, we celebrated crazily short after the hell quarter finally came to an end. Who would love to have 15 hrs marathon discussion on cases ever again?

What made the Spring quarter special was that I could customize my courses, finally. I choose the "Brand & Communications" concentration instead of the quantitative "Analysis & Insight." So my collection of courses, besides the common "Media Law, Policy & Ethics," includes "Brand & Advertising Solutions," "Marketing Public Relations" and a quantitative "Marketing Mix." I had fun so far, although the horrible group project storm is destined to get closer and closer to me again. (We have 3 client projects this time) On top of that, I have assignments coming to me almost regularly- at least two each week..... But, well, I've paid so much to be here, I will try to get the most ROI!

Additionally, I went for another Kellogg Greater China Business Conference last weekend. "Make the best out of Northwestern" is one of my motto, you see. :) I felt excited about the topics they covered, and it indeed was amazing to be here but connect with the market dynamics over there in another end of the world!

Come on, Wendy's not always studying, I had FUN!
I didn't visit any other city during my spring break. I spent time just here, relaxed, witnessed two snow storms in late March....

I stayed at home watch Japanese drama, cook, surfing the Net, or just did nothing. When a friend came for a visit, we went downtown walk around, and I enjoyed a spring hiking in the Starved Rock State Park at the end of my Spring break. I realized the precious value of peacefulness and stability during that period of time. I might be a little bit lonely in town, but life could still be beautiful.

Lastly, big issue, my internship
I have decided to involve in the Global Residency project arranged by Medill IMC program. It works this way:

6/16-7/06 Take courses in Evanston, do research on the company and the project
7/07-7/18 Go on site in Yum! Brand China Division in Shanghai, responsible for KFC's summer beverage promotional program for youth
7/19-8/29 Back to Chicago, keep contact with clients in Shanghai, prepare final proposal

Among 80 classmates, 20 of us will involve in the Global Residency project, and we'll work in 4 teams for 3 American companies all based in Shanghai.

My teammates include another Taiwanese girl, a Russian girl and an American. Expecting one more person~ Sounds cool?

This will be my first time to go to Shanghai, but the second time to China (I've been to Beijing before) Please let me know if you have any advice and suggestions, I'd love to hear from you.

Lastly, I am planning to go back to Taiwan in September after my residency is over, and will stay for 3 weeks meeting family and friends. I can't wait for that day to come!!! I will need to come back to the U.S. again for my final fall quarter though.....

Spring in Chicago is not yet so warm, still windy, sometimes chilly, but the sunny sky has cheered most of us up. Hope the place you are right now is also full of the fragrance of lovely spring :)

Take Care!

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