Short Before I Fly, There Is Still a Lot Going On

I was really in good hands, and I thanked God for all these blessings.

Zhengxing kindly invited me to go for a coffee and my "brunch," and drove me to appreciate the northern side fireworks for some kind of a Pre-Independence Day celebration. Honestly, the fireworks was great. It made me a little bit sad though- what do I miss?! (Flying away at the day with the biggest/most important fireworks in this country?! Shoot.....) We also had some great talks about China, my family and friends, and some more. It was a pleasant tiny farewell party~ Thanks, Zhengxing :)

And my lovely Myriam also sacrificed her bed time keeping me company for a while. "Oh! You are away for 2 weeks? Really? How lonely would I be? Please let me know when you come back!!! Call me or Email me when you have time!!!!" She also made me a great hot chocolate drink, which is "without Starbucks lable, but the same quality or even better!" I completely agree! This is made with your LOVE, Myriam! Of course it tasted WONDERFUL!

Okay, off I go. See you guys soon!

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