A Year Stay in the U.S.

Jul 27, 2007-Jul 27, 2008
I have been in this country for a year! Unbelievable. I've been to Washington D.C., Chicago, New Jersey, New York, and Seattle since then. I have also visited the neighbor country Canada- Vancouver once. I have made numerous friends from diverse countries/regions since then. I have cried, laughed, struggled, encouraged, disappointed, inspired for so many times on so many occasions since then.
I have not seen my beloved family and friends in person for that long already.

Thanks, for those who loved me, helped me and cherished me in this period of time.
Thanks, for those who hated me, frustrated me and looked down on me in this period of time.
You all are the keys that make me grow, let me think, and move me forward.

Thank you Lord, for the entire year of blessings!


Chrissy said...

加油 Wendy! 祝你以后在美国的日子也一切顺利哦!

wendychen said...

Thanks! Enjoy your life in SH, too!
Hope to see you soon :)

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