Mom Goes Back- Eileen's Blog on Women Returning to Work Place

Eileen, one of my cool classmates in the IMC program has set up a blog called "Mom Goes Back" to share her personal experience and to discuss the challenges a mom could have when she decided to go back to the workforce after some years of being just a housewife in her family.
News, resources and advice for women returning to work.
For sure, it's never an easy task for a woman to return to the "jungle" of business after some years of being merely a perfect mom. In our IMC program, we have two wonderful moms- Eileen herself and Colleen- who are always so dedicated at their study and at the same time so committed to their family whole-heartedly. I've always admired their spirit, because I would never be able to deal with both (all?!) tasks at the same time.

Check out her stories and thoughts when you have time, please~ You may find it insightful and encouraging!

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