Toshiba = Reparing, HP = Using

I have bad luck on electronic devices since coming to the U.S.
Saturday May 10, my TOSHIBA that bought December 2007 officially was sent for repair, because of some unknown blue screen issues.

"It will take us 3-5 days to run all the check for hardwares, and we'll contact you as soon as we know what went wrong. If it's something we can repair, we will fix it before returning to you. If we need to replace some parts, we will call you and ask for permission to send it to Chicago for another 2-3 weeks, because we have no parts to use here for the replacement. Is that okay for you?" The Best Buy clerk announced his sentence to my TOSHIBA.

"The worst possibility is, we have to replace your hard drive and your files in that hard drive will be gone. Did you backup all files you need already?" He asked further.
"Yes, I did. I'm experienced of dealing with a broken laptop and with rescuing my files." sadly, I admitted that.
"Oh good. You are all set now!" That was the way that clerk brought our conversation to an end.

With an empty bag originally was used to carry the TOSHIBA, I turned to the earphone session to try find one set for my MP3 player. You're right, my MP3 player went dumb some time ago, probably due to the connection problem of the earphone. When passing by the digital camera aisle, those shining, trendy, multi-function cameras reminded me of the "sometimes broken" Canon PowerShot S50- the top layer around the shooting button always tilted, and the front shield for the lens cannot slide back to its normal position from time to time.

What a broken life...... I kept thinking so on the way back.....
Please cross finger for my TOSHIBA guys. I want it back ASAP, seriously!

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