Thoughts about "Made of Honor"

Thanks to Myriam's invitation, I went for Made of Honor tonight. It might not be a good timing for me to see this, but it indeed triggered me to think about certain crucial life issues.

Without doubt, girls would dream of (die for?!) marrying such a charming, noble, royal person in such a fairy setting- he's good looking, strong, talented, well mannered, with royal heritage, castle, money and almost EVERYTHING you can think of. And he loves you. But things between you two were just "love at first sight." You've tried so hard to find something to describe the "why" but just couldn't come up with something persuasive. Why bother then? Why deceive yourself to marry your passion, your "dream," but not your heart?

That's just not me. The commitment of marriage MUST happen when true love is there. Not love for the title, the fortune or the power. Absolutely, I may sound naive. But this is something I think I can, and I will still believe in.

Moreover, their 10-year "friendship" took up too much time and efforts, but they confirmed my other belief- be good friend for each other is the most important(guaranteed) way to become a couple. If someone fails to meet my expectation as a good/close friend, it's nearly impossible for us to deepen our relationship. He shares my sorrow and my happiness, knows my struggles, tolerates my weird habits/preferences, be honest to tell me I'm horrible at this and that..... He's a good friend, so he can be a good mate. Easy, straightforward and highly reasonable. Just..... please, don't take me (us) 10 years to figure out......

Ah, it was a good movie. I enjoyed it~
Just if something could be more "real" to me...

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