Day Before the Class Starts

Cooked Sukiyaki with the sauce that Thomas recommended.
Thrilled by its simple preparation process and great taste.

Took a walk with Chia-Ying and Aping along the lake in the evening,
"I'll go visit some friends later."
"How come you have so many friends?" I was asked.
I guess I am just lucky and blessed :)

Went to visit Felix and Bee's new home around Main,
"Tell us everything about your Seattle and Vancouver journey!" Bee requested in the beginning.
We actually talked much more topics than that- still had great time together.
"Visit us for a lunch next time! It's beautiful during the day."
Sure, I'll bring Myriam with me next time, with more joy and stories.

Talked on the phone when walking back in the dark.
That successfully shortened the journey as well as reduced my fear.
Somehow, that also tied me with good memories and created happiness in a silent, peaceful way.

Goodnight Evanston.
Maybe LAKE, successful DISH and FRIENDS will be my remedy?

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