Original take-off time: 7:55 p.m.
Latest take-off update info: 10:45 p.m.
Ladies and gentlemen, I am still in the O'Hare airport.......

So, I was so bored that I subscribed for Boingo Wi-Fi services that could be used in many North America (and other international) airports, McDonald's and many other Cafes/restaurants. Since I'll fly a lot in the following three months, I tried to convince myself it's a bargain!

Well, am I Internet addicted? I guess so......


Jeremy said...

Let me know where you're flying, and I can send you a link to the places you can use Boingo. If you are using it overseas, let me know also.

-Jeremy (at Boingo)

wendychen said...

Thanks Jeremy for the help!
I am flying to Shanghai from Chicago O'Hare(US)=> Atlanta(US)=> Pudong(China), and back.

I will fly again from Chicago O'Hare(US)=> San Francisco(US)=> Taipei CKS(Taiwan), and back.

Hope all these airport got great Boingo connection!

Jeremy said...

Yes, you can use Boingo at these locations - through Boingo and through our partner network.

Let me know if you are on Unlimited or Global. If it's Unlimited, you will be charged premium fees in China.

You can email me at jpepper AT boingo.com if you have more questions.


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