Night, Struggle, QQ, Old Friend

All mingled together.....

The mixture includes bitterness, some slight sweet, somewhat excitement, unexpected adventure, strange familiarity, dizzy, and slight confusion....

What Myriam said was true, there was something one can never resist;
What the news report mentioned was also true, there was something beyond loneliness and the appropriate age.

"Stop thinking, and move forward!" I told myself.
Yeah, it was too late for a bad thinker to stay awake.....


hanni said...

nice to see your posts regularly! You are going to S.H for internship? what kind of intern you got? How long are you going to stay there? I may be there before going to G.T!!! Btw,when you stayed in D.C, where did you live? how did you search the housing?


wendychen said...

Dear Hanni,
I will be working on a Yum! Brand KFC project for summer beverages targeting teenagers. My stay will be from July 5th to 21st in S.H. Contact me at my gmail account wendyhwchen for more detail! If we manage to meet some day, it must be wonderful!!!!

About my D.C. housing, I took my friend's sublease in River House around "Pentagon City" Metro station. Check http://wendysdreamland.blogspot.com/2007/07/home-in-washington-dc.html and other late July 2007 entry for more info. I highly recommended the place, but I did know it was SO hard to get a room there.... Good luck!

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