Surprise at the InNUvation Social

Met some familiar faces, my lovely Indian friends Megha and Sumanth;
Met new people, Marc, Ogi & his wife.

Marc and I cannot stop talking about our love toward our Swiss experience!!!!
He spent four summer months in Lausanne, and I spent three fall months in Kandersteg.
We both agreed that the German speaking zone is more adorable than the French zone, and Swiss for us meant more than a beautiful place on earth-

"It is a place you will miss a lot.
You will feel so like home when you ever have a chance to go back again.
And, you will strive to go back, strive hard!"

More than that, we both skied for the first time in the Alps in Switzerland.
Marc put a 10 cent Swiss Francs on my end of the table-
"Oh my goodness! Swiss Francs! You know what? I also brought one with me to the US! Because I know it is a token of......belongings :)" I couldn't help screaming!!!

Truly, it WAS wonderful to suddenly find someone who shared the similar experiences/emotions with you in this kind of occasion.

After Ogi and his wife arrived, I also enjoyed the talk with the wife (I am terribly sorry that I forgot her name....)
They are from Tokyo area, and they will go back for some weeks when Ogi is interning and hunting for job. Our conversation flows in both English(more) and Japanese, because I could feel that she would love to express herself in English than in Japanese. Another reason of doing so was..... Jeez, my Japanese now is horrible :( So sad!!!!!!! It'll take me some time to pick it up again....

Anyways, I loved the opportunity to talk to her, and as a weird person as I am, I seriously desired to know friends from Japan. That country, is my other hometown in mind....

So, this is the "A-Ha" conclusion of the experience tonight:

Wendy Chen is a Taiwanese girl who viewed also Switzerland and Japan as her hometowns, and would feel so excited (insanely) when she could share her love toward these countries and could meet people from there.


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